2023 - 2023

Continue prior events and:

  • Appointed President and CEO January 1, 2023.
  • Lead 16-18 New Chapters through How to Launch curriculum.
  • Launched our Ally Committee.
  • Launched College Campus Outreach initiative.
  • Launching a new and improved website and technology platform.
  • Host the following Virtual Panels:
    • Successful Women in the Industry March 8th.
    • Supportive Households.
    • Women Owned Companies in the Affordable Housing Industry.
    • Creative Affordable Housing Solutions.
  • Will Award of first annual WAHNdeful Woman of the Year Award.
  • Begin Quarterly newsletters in Q2.
  • Launch WAHN Podcast.
  • Focused on the financial health of the organization and properly capitalizing to continue making a difference in the industry.
  • Planning 2025 National Conference & Fundraiser.