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The mission of state Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) chapters is to empower and develop women working in the affordable housing sector through partnership, networking, allyship, advocacy, mentorship, and community engagement. We foster a supportive environment where individuals can bring their authentic selves, enabling the exchange of the brightest ideas.  Driven by our collective goals, WAHN chapters work towards the establishment of a state-wide organization that brings together women from all sectors of the affordable housing industry. By uniting our expertise, passion, and resources, we aim to transform the affordable housing landscape, ensuring equitable access to secure and sustainable housing for all.


To create a community that provides networking and professional development opportunities and promotes the advancement and leadership of women working in the affordable housing industry.

North Carolina Leadership

Annie Baumann-Mitchell

Vice President
Morgan Mansa

Cristi Lewis

Lauren Henry

Events Co-Chair
Sarah Kirk

Events Co-Chair
Melissa Dunn

Events Committee
Fredrika Murrill

Events Committee
London Tessener

Communications Co-Chair
Robin Reese

Communications Co-Chair
Natalie Swanson

Fundraising Co-Chair
Amanda Stapleton

Fundraising Co-Chair
Swetha Fumar

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Our Committees

The EVENTS COMMITTEE is engaged in planning events that not only support our mission but fosters collaboration.  Always open to new ideas, some of our past events include happy hours, Housing Conference meetings, and TED talk-style presentations. Our regional representatives assist in coordinating regionally specific events for our members.

The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE’S purpose is to recruit new members who have an active role in the affordable housing industry, develop networking, volunteerism, and community engagement opportunities for members, and promote the value of membership through professional and personal development activities.  The Membership Committee takes great pleasure in helping to empower women working in all aspects of affordable housing in North Carolina.

The SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for coordinating the receipt of sponsors and their donations. Committee members communicate with potential and existing sponsors to answer any questions and keep track of responsibilities to those sponsors. Committee members work with the Communications Committee to get information from sponsors in order to highlight them in newsletters and on social media. Committee members are also responsible for keeping track of the amount of funds coming in from sponsors and track the events and social media posts for each Sponsor.


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