Dominique Pryor-Anderson

Dominique Pryor-Anderson is Founder and CEO of Populace Community Strategy, a consultancy focused on equitable real estate development, affordable housing, and inclusive community engagement. Her professional background spans education, public relations, and serial entrepreneurship. As a self-professed “money making hippie,” she is passionate about social entrepreneurship, and is driven by empowering diverse communities.

Dominique is also the Executive Director of the Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition, as well as the hybrid, social entrepreneurship incubator-accelerator, Ignite M.O.B. She has built a successful career as a leader, speaker, and facilitator, for key organizations, including Urban Land Institute, and hosts a podcast, re-launching in 2023, called “And So They Did.” In her personal life, she is wife to an analytical creative, mother to a future chef, proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and a faithful member of Raider Nation.