PRESS RELEASE: Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) Announces Inaugural Summit in Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta, GA-June 9-11, 2024: The Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) is thrilled to announce its inaugural summit, set to take place at the Courtland Grand Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit will bring together industry experts, change-makers, and advocates dedicated to making housing more accessible.

“At WAHN, we believe in amplifying all voices and ideas to build the best communities for everyone,” said Ashley Northcutt President of WAHN. “Our summit promises to be more than your typical conference – it will be a fun and energetic gathering with a unique WAHN twist!”

Collaborating closely with the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA), WAHN has ensured there will be no overlap in programming, allowing attendees to seamlessly transition from one event to the next.

Event Highlights:

CONNECT in a meaningful and fun way: The summit provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and organizations passionate about affordable housing. Through networking sessions, panel discussions, and collaborative workshops, WAHN aims to foster a supportive community dedicated to making housing more accessible for all.

LEARN from industry experts, change-makers, and innovative thinkers: WAHN has curated a diverse range of sessions led by industry thought leaders and advocates. Attendees will have the chance to explore the latest trends, innovative solutions, and best practices in affordable housing.

EMPOWER through inspirational talks, success stories, and interactive programming: WAHN aims to empower attendees with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to drive positive change in their organizations and communities. Together, we can be catalysts for affordable housing solutions, advocating for policies that make a real impact and supporting one another on this transformative journey.

“We invite everyone to help us spread the word by sharing the Summit and hashtag on social media pages, with teammates, clients, and friends across the industry,” added Ashley Northcutt “Let’s come together to ensure the #WAHNSummit2024 is a resounding success!”

Schedule Overview:

  • June 9 (Optional): Wellness activities, community service, and affordable housing property visits.
  • June 10: Sessions on bond financing, female developers, policy strategies, and a keynote by Wendy Robbins. Evening entertainment includes the “Shelter & Sass” party.
  • June 11: Workshops on sustainable housing, minority-owned business strategies, and policy updates with Emily Cadik.

The summit promises to be a dynamic and engaging event, fostering a community dedicated to transforming affordable housing. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #WAHNSummit2024.


  • Full Summit (June 9-11): $550
  • Main Summit (June 10-11): $400
  • Sunday Only (June 9): $150
  • Monday Night Party Only: $75
  • Tuesday Lunch Only: $65

For more information and to register, visit WAHN 2024 Summit Registration.

For more information and to register for the WAHN Summit 2024, please visit website.

Media Contact:

Ashley Northcutt

President & CEO

About WAHN:

The Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) is a dynamic community of individuals, organizations, and advocates committed to advancing affordable housing initiatives across the country. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and empowerment, WAHN strives to create a future where safe, affordable housing is accessible to all. Learn more here: Website.

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WAHNcast has launched!

WAHNcast has launched!

The Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) has launched a podcast series dedicated to amplifying the voices of people within the affordable housing industry. With a focus on shedding light on this critical issue, each episode of the podcast features discussions led by experts, activists, and policymakers.

Through dynamic conversations, the WAHNcast aims to showcase the leadership at the forefront of the affordable housing movement. It offers valuable insights into groundbreaking practices, policy advancements, and community engagement strategies aimed at tackling housing insecurity. More than just informative, the podcast serves as a source of inspiration, providing a platform for sharing success stories, advocating for policy reforms, and nurturing a supportive community among professionals and advocates in the affordable housing sector. Join us as we elevate the voices driving change and championing progress in affordable housing.

You don’t want to miss it! Listen on Spotify or Apple podcasts! Be sure to follow us and share with your podcast-listening friends, or your friends who need to listen to podcasts!

2024 WAHN Summit

WAHN is hosting a Summit in Atlanta this summer, June 9-11, and we’d love to see you all there! Click the registration link below for more details.

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Beyond the Spreadsheet with Ashley Northcutt

View the full article and listen to the podcast here.

Ashley Northcutt is one of the most fascinating and accomplished women we know. Her personal transformation is inspiring — Ashley left a high-powered position in tax to launch the non-profit Women’s Affordable Housing Network. Ashley goes to bat each and every day for women working in affordable housing and women living in affordable housing. It’s only fitting that this episode of Beyond the Spreadsheet releases on International Women’s Day — Ashley and her team are making a genuine difference in the lives of women.   

National Board of Director and Allie Committee Chair Mark Shelburne was featured on Novogradac podcast.

Listen to the podcast here.

March 26, 2024: So You Want to Be a LIHTC Developer: The Many Meanings of ‘Mixed-Income’

Many in the affordable rental housing development community may think they know what is meant by the term “mixed income,” but, in fact, the phrase has many different interpretations depending on person, jurisdiction, property type, ownership structure and more. In the latest installment in the Tax Credit Tuesday podcast’s So You Want to Be a LIHTC Developer series, Michael Novogradac, CPA, and Mark Shelburne, Novogradac housing policy consultant, discuss six different ways the term can be interpreted. Later, the pair discusses three potential impacts these terms can have on investor interest, additional debt burden and property compliance.

2023 WAHN Active Ally Award winner, Hugh Martinez

We’re excited to share that Hugh Martinez, Vice President of Development at WPH Holdings, LLC, was selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 WAHN Active Ally Award (in honor of James D. Cromartie)! 

This award recognizes individuals who have shown unwavering commitment to making the workplace more equitable, a dedication to continuous learning, and the courage to take action, such as calling out bias and creating a safe space for women. Your commitment to these principles has not only created a more inclusive and supportive work environment but has also inspired others to follow your lead. Your tireless efforts in championing equity and your bold actions have set a remarkable example for all of us.

We will celebrate your accomplishments at our event at AHF Live on Monday, November 13th, and we’re excited to see you there!

Congratulations Hugh and all the nominees who have made such a positive impact on their teammates by practicing Active Allyship!

2023 WAHNderful Woman of the Year Award winner, Cindy Prater

We are thrilled to announce that Cynthia Prater, HCCP , Director of Development Operations at The Bennett Group, is the recipient of the 2023 WAHNderful Woman of the Year Award! The members of WAHN have spoken loudly in their votes for you as winner of this award!
When we began this journey to recognize remarkable women who have made exceptional contributions to our industry and the community, we could not have imagined a more deserving candidate than you. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to your community and your role as the President of Alabama Women’s Affordable Housing Network have left us in awe.  The nominations we received highlighted not just your remarkable achievements but also the sheer magnitude of your impact on the lives of those you serve. You have set a standard of excellence that few can rival, and your tireless efforts have inspired and uplifted everyone fortunate enough to work with you.
Your selection as the WAHNderful Woman of the Year Award winner is a testament to your exceptional character and leadership. We are convinced that the world requires more individuals like you, who exemplify the limitless potential of women in leadership roles, and who are dedicated to empowering women, striving for equity for all, and displaying a profound passion for the affordable housing industry and the well-being of our neighbors in these communities.
We will honor you and celebrate your achievements at our upcoming AHF Live Happy Hour Monday November 13th. This will be an opportunity for all of us to raise a toast to you, our WAHNderful Woman of the Year, and express our gratitude for your outstanding contributions to society.
Congratulations Cindy and all the WAHNderful nominees we received for this award! You all are helping to make our industry and our communities better places for all of us!

Novogradac & Company LLP and Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN) have teamed up to provide a deeply discounted LIHTC basic training for WAHN Members!

Keep an eye on your email for the link to register and the discount code exclusively for our members!

Join WAHN today to get this discount.

Eligibility: WAHN members
Format: online lectures via Zoom
When: 3PM Eastern Time on Thursdays, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2 and 11/9
Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes each
Homework: 5 self-graded assignments

Topics Covered:

10/5 – Introduction

  • Basics of how the program operates
  • The four main components
  • Finding rent and income limits

10/12 – Eligible Basis

  • Understanding the overall concepts
  • Applying these concepts to examples
  • The three kinds of 30% boost

10/19 – Pro-Formas

  • Setting up the spreadsheet
  • Changing variables to see the effects

10/26 – Equity Investment

  • Ownership entity structure
  • Types of risks
  • Time value of money

11/2 – Qualified Allocation Plans

  • Federal legal requirements
  • The four main components
  • Practical realities of implementation

11/9 – Post-Award

  • Carryover and 10% Test
  • Extended Use Agreements
  • Form 8610 and Cost Certifications

Ashley Northcutt’s interview with Nan McKay in the Trailblazers Impact Podcast

View the full article and listen to the podcast here.

Ep. 290 – Dive into the journey of Ashley Northcutt, the dynamic President of the National Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN), an organization passionately advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

WAHN, under Ashley’s stewardship, empowers women in the industry through education, active allyship, and fostering meaningful connections.

With a diverse network spanning government agencies, financial institutions, developers, and nonprofits, WAHN is truly reshaping the affordable housing landscape.

Join us as we explore Ashley’s inspiring pivot from a seasoned accounting professional to spearheading this pioneering network full-time.

Tune in for an enriching conversation about affordable housing, diversity, and the power of women in the industry.

Listen in to learn how to pivot from your career and still find success in following the path led by your strength and passion. You will also learn the value of choosing a career in affordable housing, working for a diverse company, and prioritizing community housing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of supporting other women to help you sustain your level of success
  • The power of saying yes and getting involved with a lot of things in helping you get to the top
  • How to utilize your strengths and passion to pivot your career and still find success
  • The importance of building a career in an organization focused on diversity

In this episode, you will learn:

Ashley on why she decided to pivot to the National Women’s Affordable Housing Network [01:42]

She defines affordable housing plus the creative affordable housing solutions they’re focused on [04:58]

She explains how WAHN is open to all creative affordable housing solutions [06:23]

The role of women in affordable housing, plus how we can sustain our levels of success [07:40]

She describes some of the initiatives that WAHN is planning and the impact they’ll make [09:03]

How WAHN is committed to bridging the gap in the affordable housing industry [15:59]

How she was able to pivot from a secure corporate career and embrace a role at WAHN [18:41]

The three takeaway points Ashley would like to leave you with on housing and career [22:47]