Senior Development Program Manager – Denver, CO – Hybrid

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Salary Range $98,167

Summary of Job

Under the direction of the Deputy Chief Real Estate Investment Officer (“Deputy CREIO”) provides professional level support in identification, evaluation, and strategic planning of new opportunities. Collaborates with internal and external partners to advance the development of affordable housing on behalf of the Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (“DHA”). Oversees the planning, financing, and development activities of affordable housing projects throughout the development process, along with core programs including Special Limited Partnerships (“SLPs”) and the DHA Delivers for Denver (“D3”) Bond Program. Responsible for the supervision of assigned staff, consultants, and contractors employed by DHA.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Leadership

  1. Responsible for assisting the CREIO and Deputy CREIO with project pipeline and strategic planning initiatives.
  2. Responsible for planning and managing large-scale redevelopment projects led by the DHA.
  3. Responsible for the completion of feasibility analyses and provides professional recommendations to the CREIO and Leadership Team regarding assigned projects.
  4. Research best practices and model community development processes and makes recommendations to the CREIO and Executive Team regarding policies, strategic industry, and government programs.

Strategic Partnerships

  1. Provides oversight of the implementation of the DHA’s Supportive Housing Land Acquisition Program. Responsible for deploying the D3 Fund toward the acquisition of land for future supportive housing development opportunities.
  2. Completes and oversees the strategic plan regarding the acquisition of land or buildings and the selection of partners and consultants to support the implementation of the program.
  3. Completes and oversees the strategic planning regarding the future development, phasing, acquisition, or sale of land and provides recommendations for approval by the CREIO, Executive Staff, and Board of Directors.
  4. Confirms accuracy of ongoing reporting on the D3 Permanent Supportive Housing (“PSH”) Program to internal and external stakeholders.
  5. Oversees the DHA’s Special Limited Partnership (“SLP”) program, including oversight of Development Managers in their coordination with third-party development firms and reviews approvals of applications for participation, negotiate legal documentation, and fee structure.
  6. Assists the Deputy CREIO in the identification and execution of new strategic partnership and co-development opportunities that support the DHA’s mission and goals.

Real Estate Development and Acquisition

  1. Provides full-cycle project management services for 2-3 active projects.
  2. Identifies opportunities and manages the acquisition or sale of property from origination through closing in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Coordinates applications for public and private funding sources for real estate development projects and/or transactions led by the DHA.
  4. Conducts regular on-site visits of each assigned project to determine whether the design and construction are progressing in a timely manner and in accordance with the contract documents.
  5. Provides monthly written progress reports to the CREIO tracking schedule, entitlement process, budget, requirements for labor, material, machinery, and equipment at the construction site and other matters of importance.
  6. Schedules and coordinates meetings with contractors and DHA staff and facilitate DHA decisions to the architect and general contractor.
  7. Regularly reviews engineering and architectural drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and schedule.
  8. Obtains required building permits and zoning approvals.
  9. Tracks and controls construction costs against the project budget to avoid cost overruns and provides reports regarding the same to the CREIO.
  10. Reviews submittals from architects including, but not limited to schematic, design development, construction drawings and specifications, reporting problems to the Deputy CREIO and resolution to design-build team(s).
  11. Reviews and monitors all architect and general contractor applications for payment and change orders and track payments against project budget.
  12. Maintains written records for DHA ensuring the appropriate records for the architects’ and general contractors’ efforts are being received, maintained, and reviewed on a timely basis.
  13. Advises the CREIO of any anticipated delays and/or problems with respect to the assigned project(s).
  14. Monitors the completion of all punch list items on construction assigned project(s).
  15. Resolves operational problems and unforeseen procedural problems, as directed by the Deputy CREIO.
  16. Facilitates and maintains communication with the vested community and neighborhood organizations and groups remaining informed of DHA programs and activities.
  17. Daily attendance in the office and off-site locations, or as otherwise determined by an approved remote work plan.
  18. Performs any other duties as assigned by the Deputy CREIO.
  19. This list is not intended to be inclusive and may be expanded.

Minimum Educational Requirements

Four-year degree in business, real estate, finance, urban planning, and/or related field.

Minimum Experience Requirements

Experience in real estate and affordable housing project financing and complex project management. Experience in real estate and affordable housing policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

Education/Experience Equivalency

A combination of appropriate education and experience may be substituted for the minimum education and experience requirements.

Licenses and/or Certifications

A valid Colorado driver’s license is required. A good driving record must be maintained in accordance with the personnel policy.

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

  1. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and work effectively in a fast-paced, high stress environment.
  2. Proficiency with computers and software programs for job costing, scheduling, and estimating, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  3. Knowledge of local government as it relates to housing development.
  4. Knowledge of county, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulation pertinent to development. Knowledge of HUD and IRS rules and regulations helpful.
  5. Communicates information and expresses ideas and facts to individuals or groups effectively, considering the audience and nature of the information; makes clear and concise oral presentations; listens to others, attends to nonverbal cues, and responds appropriately.
  6. Expresses facts and ideas, in writing, in a succinct and organized manner that is appropriate for context, time and place.
  7. Identifies and understands economic, political, and social trends that influence or have a significant impact on the Development Department, or DHA’s policies and/or programs and acts appropriately.
  8. Identifies and analyzes problems, uses sound reasoning to arrive at conclusions, finds alternative solutions to complex problems and distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical judgments.
  9. Effectively plans, organizes, implements, and monitors multiple assignments and/or projects from inception to completion with minimal or no disruptions/problems.
  10. Deals calmly and effectively with high stress situations (for example, tight deadlines, hostile individuals, emergency situations, dangerous situations.)
  11. Open to change and new information; adapts behavior or work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles; effectively deal with ambiguity.
  12. Performs work assignments thoroughly and conscientiously attends to detail.
  13. Displays high standards of ethical conduct and understands the impact of violating these standards on DHA, self, and others; chooses an ethical course of action and is trustworthy.
  14. Establishes and maintains constructive and cooperative interpersonal relationships with CREIO, Directors, staff, peers, managers, staff of other organizations, vendors, consultants, and stakeholder groups. Shows understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy, and concern; develops and maintains relationships.
  15. Deals with people who are difficult, hostile, distressed; relates well to people from varied backgrounds and situations; is sensitive to individual differences. Adapt approach to different people and situations; is sensitive to cultural diversity, race, gender, and other individual differences in the workforce and manages workforce diversity.
  16. Minimizes confrontations, disagreements, complaints, and grievances and resolves them in a constructive manner.
  17. Understands and appropriately applies procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise and maintains credibility with others on technical matters.
  18. Makes sound, well-informed, and objective decisions; accurately perceives the impact and implications of decisions.
  19. Identifies a need for and knows where or how to gather information; organizes and maintains information or information management systems.
  20. Demonstrates effective leadership by building and maintaining strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders in alignment with the DHA’s mission and values.

Physical Requirements

  • Physical demands

Standing: Remaining on one’s feet in an upright position.

Walking: Moving about on foot.

Sitting: Remaining in the normal seated position.

Climbing: Ascending or descending objects usually with hands/feet.

Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear.

Reaching: Extending the hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction.

Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words.

Driving: Moving body parts for automobile operations.

  • Physical Strength

Lifting: Raising or lowering an object weighing 10 pounds.

Vision Requirements

Far Acuity: Ability to see clearly at 20 feet or more.

Near Acuity: Ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less.

Depth Perception: Ability to judge distances and space relationships.

Color Vision: Ability to distinguish and identify different colors.

  • Mental Demands

Mathematical Reasoning


Oral Comprehension

Written Comprehension

  • Environmental Conditions

Temperature Changes: Works outdoors regularly and is subject to variations in temperature from hot to cold.

Atmospheric Conditions: Conditions that affect the skin or respiratory system. May be exposed to extremes of heat and cold in all weather conditions.

Interpretation (policies, procedures, or practices)

Must follow DHA policies, procedures, and practices, as well as HUD guidelines. Extensive independent thinking required to meet deadlines and solve problems. May recommend policy and procedure changes.

Internal / External Contacts

Frequent contact with DHA staff, City agencies, private contractors, and consultants. Quarterly contact with the Board of Commissioners is expected from this position.

Scope of Responsibility


Solves problems related to development activities and any other areas of responsibility.

Decision Making

Responsible for assigned real estate development projects. Makes recommendations regarding overall program and project priorities. Guidelines are generally in the form of stated objectives only, with issues and factors largely undefined, requiring the employee to exercise creativity and ingenuity in devising criteria, techniques, strategies and methodologies for approaching assigned functions or projects. Duties performed involved concepts, theories and concrete factors to be evaluated and weighed, requiring a high degree of analytical ability, and independent judgment and decision making.

Nature of Supervision

Employee is delegated responsibility and authority over specific work functions, receives direction as to objectives, priorities, and deadlines. Exercise a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion, and decision making in carrying out the work function.

Level of Supervision

Under general supervision, the employee has personal accountability for carrying out an assigned function, program or project within the scope of established guidelines and objectives and is expected to resolve problems that arise in the normal course of the work. Completed work is generally reviewed for soundness of judgment, conclusion, adequacy and conformance to policy.

Resource Responsibility

Oversees assigned staff.

Working Conditions

Primarily an office environment, however, subject to varying and unpredictable situations and required to visit off-site locations, including, but not limited to, developments in the field. High degree of stress due to irregular hours, problem resolution, high volume of work, high volume of phone calls and numerous interruptions.

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